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Esteemed readers,

We are proud to share Volume 11 of the Bangkok Medical Journal with you. This volume contains excellent original articles, case studies, review articles from guest writers and medical images capturing the wide range of innovative and cutting edge procedures and time-saving measures taken by our medical colleagues to improve patients’ clinical outcomes and to diagnose and treat potentially fatal conditions in time.

We recommend readers, particularly young radiologists at the beginning of their profes- sional careers, to take an interest in learning some of the practical tips in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis using CT and or ultrasound. This very common ailment, usually presenting with the classic symptom of abdominal pain, can be difficult to diagnose in some cases. We present a clear account of some of the things to look out for to make an accurate and potentially life-saving diagnosis.

We are very proud to share that the first renal interhospital CPC was held at Bangkok Hospital in 2016, with more than 60 fellow nephrologists attending. Prof Vijitr reported a case study that demonstrated a kidney biopsy presenting a rare instance of AA amyloidosis in SLE (see front cover).

Early cholangiocarcinoma can be confused in diagnosis with a nonspecific liver abscess caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae. We report a case of a hepatic venous thrombophlebitis captured in a CT image with identified elevation of presepsin in serum. Presepsin is useful in diagnosis of bacterial infection and follow-up after treatment.

The special feature on Dengue Fever explores how this disease is increasing the burden on healthcare providers worldwide. In addition, we include a short Memoriam to Professor Natth Bhamarapravati whose pioneering work in the early stages of developing a vaccine for DENV has been taken forward by Professor Sutee Yoksan who has been carrying on his work and legacy. Mahidol University is at the forefront of developing a vaccine that is effective  for all four serotypes of Dengue. Professor Usa Thisyakorn represents the Dengue Project Banpong-Photharam, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University study group for clinical efficacy and safety of a novel tetravalent dengue vaccine in healthy children in Asia: a phase 3, randomised, observer-masked, placebo-controlled trial.

We encourage you to read the Handbook of Targeted Cancer Therapy as an excellent summary for modern cancer treatments, up to 2015. This handbook is highly recommended to clinical oncologists, radio oncologists and general medical practitioners.

Finally, we note that this issue of the Bangkok Medical Journal comes to you in February, the month traditionally associated with love with the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day on the 14th. We share a medical image with you of an ultrasound image with a heart configuration in the spirit of this season.


Chirotchana Suchato, MD

Editor in Chief 

Rergchai Varatorn, MD