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Bangkok Hospital was the first private medical institute in Thailand. With persistent commitment towards realizing the goal of becoming a leading healthcare provider, Bangkok Hospital continually developed its medical technology together with its medical staff, to become an accredited and an admired medical leader both in Thailand and globally. Today Bangkok Hospital has expanded its hospital network to cover over 19 locations throughout Thailand and overseas; we are now the largest hospital operator in South-East Asia.

For almost 40 years, Bangkok Hospital Group has meticulously dedicated itself to research and development that contributes tremendously towards saving and sustaining our patients’ lives. After the successful publishing of the BMC Medical Conference booklets in 2002 and 2007, we now feel it is the right time for Bangkok Hospital Group to continue to introduce some of its research projects and formal studies to interested readers worldwide on a more regular basis. We are therefore very proud to be pub- lishing the first formal edition of, “The Bangkok Medical Journal”.

This issue of the Bangkok Medical Journal contains many interesting articles which range across various medical and scientific fields. We have an interesting article about Off pump coronary bypass grafting, to which we give full credit to Dr. Kittipan Visuttarom, Dr. Permyos Ruensakulach and their colleagues, who pioneered using these techniques in Thailand, without stopping the patient’s heartbeat. Another interesting article introduces VMAT, which is a powerful technology used at Wattanosoth Hospital, to treat the early stage of pancreatic cancer for whom surgery is contraindicated. It is an innovative technology that delivers a high dose of radiation to the tumor whilst reducing exposure to the normal organs. The next remarkable article discusses treatment options for lumbar spinal stenosis in the elderly. Dr. Phudhiphorn Thienprasit provides interesting details to readers about an evidence based approach to surgical treatment in the spine field. Dr. Montri Saengparrtachai, who is a writer involved with CME has contributed an interesting paper about autism and epilepsy.

These studies not only illustrate the high competence of medical staff in, and the international standards at Bangkok Hospital; they also show how well placed Bangkok Hospital is to be a destination of choice for international medical care.

Finally, it gives us great pleasure to express our cordial appreciation to

Dr. Prasert Prasarthong-Osoth (The President of Bangkok Dusit Medical Service, Plc.),

Dr. Pongsak Viddayakorn (The Chairman of Medical Staff Organization Committee, Bangkok Hospital Group, Bangkok Dusit Medical Service, Plc.),

Dr. Chatree Duangnet (The Vice Chairman of Medical Staff Organization Committee, Bangkok Hospital Group, Bangkok Dusit Medical Service, Plc.), the Editorial Board Committee, physicians, technicians, Ms. Pasuta Sangprasert and everyone else who has dedicated their spirit and valuable time contributing to this publication.