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This, our seventh volume of the Bangkok Medical Journal, delivers a wide range of contributions from the field of investigative and clinical medicine sourced from Bangkok Hospital practitioners and guest authors. We draw your attention to a very rare case of ‘The Infant and the Snowman’ and ‘Jejunal tubulovillous adenomas’. The edition also covers our pioneering work in the use of endobronchial ultrasound to evaluate downstaging of lung cancer after combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

We also highlight a special report from  Suthorn  Bavonratanavech  MD,  President Elect AO Foundation, on the AO Davos courses, a hallmark of knowledge exchange and transfer of expertise among surgeons Dr. Suthorn Wongsiri is our specialist orthopaedic surgeon, and is the current AO Foundation president elect (2012-2014). He will be confirmed as President of the AO Foundation from June 30, 2014 until 2016. Bangkok Hospital is the only hospital in Thailand to be certified as a clinical site for the AO Foundation.

We would like to draw your attention to the report from guest authors from Mahidol University, Bhoom Suktitipat MD PhD and Chayanon Peerapittayamongkol MD PhD. They provide an insightful opinion editorial on genome-wide association study (GWAS) and the next-generation sequencing (NGS) and why many groups of scientists are ready to switch from GWAS to NGS.

Bangkok Hospital is the first hospital in Thailand to offer diagnostics with Cyclotron and PET/CT scans. We are deeply appreciative of the vision of Dr. Prasert Prasarttong-Osoth who saw the immediate and long-term benefits of developing the Cyclotron and PET/CT Center at Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital. We express our sincere thanks to Mr. Kamthorn Kanchananwatee, Mr. Thanakit Senapaeung and Ms. Sritrang Panpitpat, as distributor PET/CT and technical support. We are particularly proud to have Dr. Ananya in our institution. We thank the team for their ongoing dedication and efforts.

The Center has been in operation since 2005, and has helped in the diagnosis of patients with cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

We remain dedicated to bringing the reader a valuable, insightful and informative journal with features on ground-breaking medical procedures and updates on ongoing programmes designed to improve the quality of the excellent care provided to our patients. We invite you to read on, and we trust you will find our innovative case studies and reports educational and thought-provoking.